child friendly cardiff evaluation report cover

Child Friendly Cardiff 2023 evaluation report

The Child Friendly Cardiff Evaluation Report showcases how Cardiff has been working hard to make sure every young person, no matter who they are or where they come from, can have a say in what the city does for them. It talks about making sure children know their rights, have the support they need to do well in life, and can help make decisions about stuff that matters to them. Cardiff is on a mission to be a place where every child feels heard, respected, and given a fair shot at success.

UNICEF’s outcome report on Cardiff

The UNICEF Child Friendly Cities & Communities Outcome Report for Cardiff tells the story of how Cardiff is doing a great job in making the city a better place for children and young people. It covers how the city is spreading the word about child’s rights, making events that celebrate being young, keeping children healthy, helping families get along and support each other, and making sure education is top-notch. This report is all about Cardiff’s efforts to listen to young people and make sure they’re a big part of what makes the city awesome.

Cover for child friendly cardiff's gender report

CFC Gender Equity (Consultation and Engagement Phase Report)

The Gender Equity Report talks about how Cardiff is working to make life better for girls and young women in the city. It’s all about listening to what girls go through every day and coming up with plans to help them out. From feeling safe walking around, getting the right kind of education about health, to having fair chances just like everyone else – the report covers it all. They used cool methods like drama and debates to hear what girls have to say. Plus, they’re pushing for changes like better lights on streets for safety, schools teaching more about health and equality, and more activities where girls can show their talents. It’s all about making Cardiff a city where girls feel valued, heard, and have the same opportunities as boys to succeed and be themselves.