Our Goals

Our Aim is to make Cardiff a Child Friendly City

Our aim is to further embed the Child Friendly City approach to work across the council. We recognise the importance of embedding this approach across public services to deliver lasting solutions to complex problems. Removing the barriers that prevent some of our young people from making a successful transition into the world of work, delivering the best outcomes for children in our care and helping young people to live independently must be a priority for all.

This will require partners to work together to make a city where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children and young people are at the heart of public policies, programmes and decisions.

We will continue to work together to ensure all children and young people can:

  • Understand their rights and influence decisions that affect their lives.
  • Experience equality of opportunity in all that they do.
  • Be safe, respected and free from any form of discrimination or harm.
  • Experience and share kindness in their everyday lives.
  • Move around independently and safely and are able to enjoy the freedoms of the city.
  • Have a great start in life and grow up healthy and cared for.
  • Experience a high quality and inclusive education that prepares them for life.
  • Easily access any information, advice or support that they may need, when they need it.
  • Share in the success of the city in all its forms, whatever their background.

Priority areas 2023 -2026:

Here is a list of the current Child Friendly Cardiff priority areas which will see a suite of work delivered that contributes towards our ambitious set of outcomes.

Child Rights Education

Outcome: Across the city, children, young people and adults have good knowledge of children’s right and children are actively supported to claim their rights.

Place – Urban Planning & Design

Outcome: Urban planning is underpinned by participatory research on Children and young people’s experiences of their communities, including how they move around the city and enjoy public spaces.


Outcome: Children and young peoples’s views and experiences are consistently used to inform the design, development and evaluation of policies, services and programmes.

Equal & Included

Outcome: All children and young people are treated with dignity and respect and are free from discrimination