Period Dignity

Free period products near you!

Here is how to access free Period Products from your local Hubs: 

  • Locate your nearest Hub on the map that is offering Period Products and check their opening times. 
  • When you arrive at your local Hub, go to reception to find a request form. If you can’t see a request form, ask a member of staff where they are located. 
  • Fill out the request form, specifying the number and types of products needed (e.g., pads, tampons, reusable options).
  • Hand over the request form to the member of staff on duty at reception. They will collect your requested products and discreetly hand them to you, respecting your privacy. 

My Period Product Options

Remember there is no right or wrong answer, every period is unique!

Illustration of tampon
Illustration of pad
illustration of period pants


Invisible protection that when inserted correctly (never straight up! watch this video) will comfortably sit and protect you from any mess! Please remember to change every 4-8 hours. Yes, you can go swimming with a tampon in and many who partake in sport find tampons an easy protection option.


If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly and plastic free option, menstrual cups may be for you. The small flexible cup collects your blood and sits in the vagina supported in place by your pelvic muscles. You can leave a menstrual cup in for up to 12 hours at a time, and you can use the same menstrual cup for up to 10 years if you care for it properly. Make sure to wash your cup out between uses.


Come in all shapes and sizes to best protect you as every period is unique! No matter how heavy your period is there’s a pad for you. They stick to your underwear, and you are sorted. Please remember to change every 4 hours.

Re-useable pads/pants

Thinks of an ordinary pair of pants, but they absorb your period mess free! And again, think of a period pad, but made of cotton! These can be washed between uses and reused for up to 2 years if inserting products aren’t for you!

Information courtesy of Molly Fenton @loveyourperiod