CFC Partner Programme


We want Cardiff to be a great place to grow up for everyone, and to do this we need the help of organisations whose work may impact children and young people or may be shaped by them. The partner pledge outlines your commitment as an organisation to making rights a reality for all and how you will take a child rights approach to the way you do business. 

Principles of a Child Friendly Partner


A Child Friendly Cardiff Partner recognises that every child and young person has inner dignity and worth that should be valued, respected, and nurtured. Respecting children’s dignity means that all children should be treated with care and respect in all circumstances.  

Best Interest of the Child 

A Child Friendly Cardiff Partner recognises that the best interests of the child or young person must be a top priority in all decisions and actions taken during the planning and delivery of your activities. 


A Child Friendly Cardiff Partner recognises that every child and young person should be treated fairly and protected from discrimination, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, language, family background or any other status. Having access to equal opportunities and best outcomes does not mean being treated identically; some children and young people need more support than others to overcome barriers and difficulties. 


A Child Friendly Cardiff Partner ensures that children and young people can express their opinions on decisions that affect them, and that they are supported to become informed, active citizens. 


Partner Benefits

As a CFC partner, you will: 

  • Have access to an inventory of equipment to support with community engagement events, to celebrate child rights. 
  • Be able to access free children’s rights training, advice and guidance. 
  • Be aligned with a globally recognised UNICEF programme. 
  • Be invited to join the Cardiff Youth Participation Network. 
  • Be promoted through the Child Friendly Cardiff website. 
  • Receive regular updates about opportunities and information. 

Take the pledge!

Does your organisation embody one or more of the child rights principles? Do you want to improve organisations work for and with children in Cardiff?

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