Winter of Wellbeing (Partner Resources)

Community Grant Overview

This Welsh Government programme of funding is titled “The Winter of Wellbeing / Gaeaf Llawn Lles” with the aim to support the wellbeing of children and young people aged 0–25 years, between the 1st of October 2021 and the 31st of March 2022.

Cardiff’s approach to the Winter of Wellbeing will be made up of 3 elements: Community Grants, City Centre Space in St David’s and an Arts and Cultural Programme. This page focuses on the community grant element, we will write to you about the other opportunities in the near future.

We want to support children and young people with their social, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing over the winter months. To achieve this, we would like to offer you the opportunity to apply for funding in the form of a community grant up to the sum of £24,000.

Application Requirements

In order to be considered as eligible you will need to meet the following requirements:

In-line with the Welsh Government requirements, any organisation in receipt of funding must work towards providing activities that meet the following priorities whenever possible:

  • Free at the point of entry
  • Could include the following programmes of work:
    • Play, youthwork, adventure and exercise, visits, trips, arts and culture, music, theatre, science and tech, learn a new skill, volunteering and community.
  • Easily accessible and hosted within the community, including all communities and all backgrounds of children and young people – we want to celebrate diversity and move to eliminate inequality in all of its forms!
  • Spread across the period of December to March and contribute to a balanced overall provision.
  • Age-appropriate activities and opportunities for children and young people aged 0-25 in a variety of settings, with tailoring to address age related priorities.
  • Support equality of access for children and young people – this may mean tailoring or increasing some services to address inherent disadvantages
  • Provided in Welsh or English.

As a Child Friendly Cardiff Partner, you will need to agree to the fundamental principles listed below, display CFC partner branding packs at collaborative events, and support Cardiff’s ambition to becoming a UNICEF Child Friendly City – a city with children and young people at its heart, where the rights of children and young people are respected by all, a great place to grow up.

Fundamental principles of a Child Friendly Cardiff Partner: 


A Child Friendly Cardiff Partner recognises that every child and young person has inner dignity and worth that should be valued, respected, and nurtured. Respecting children’s dignity means that all children should be treated with care and respect in all circumstances.  

Best Interest of the Child 

A Child Friendly Cardiff Partner recognises that the best interests of the child or young person must be a top priority in all decisions and actions taken during the planning and delivery of your activities. 


A Child Friendly Cardiff Partner recognises that every child and young person should be treated fairly and protected from discrimination, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, language, family background or any other status. Having access to equal opportunities and best outcomes does not mean being treated identically; some children and young people need more support than others to overcome barriers and difficulties. 


Introductory “Children’s Rights in Practice training” will be offered to representatives of Child Friendly Cardiff Partner organisations. 

All organisations in receipt of funding will be required to provide information to have their activities listed on the Children’s University – an award winning, extra-curricular and informal learning program which takes education outside the normal school day and environment – and agree to their terms and conditions.

Children’s University encourage 5-14 year olds to challenge themselves, to try new experiences, to develop new interests and acquire new skills. Delivered at a local level by local partners, Children’s University operates across the British Isles with 125 centres throughout England and Scotland and as well as internationally in at least 4 countries.

Terms & Conditions 

  • I confirm that I would like the activities detailed in the WoW application to be validated as part of Children’s University
  • I commit to helping children who take part in the activities to record their participation in the Children’s University Passport to Learning
  • I commit to supporting children who participate to fully engage with the learning activities
  • I commit to ensuring that other staff within the organisation/activity are committed to doing the same
  • I commit to working with Children’s University to promote our partnership and to actively demonstrate a commitment to life long learning
  • I am happy for the activity information submitted to be publicly listed on
  • The Children’s University validation process assures the quality of the learning. I acknowledge that matters of Health and Safety, Public Liability, GDPR and Safeguarding remain the responsibility of the activity provider. I acknowledge that all activity providers are expected to operate to their statutory requirements in these areas.
  • I have the authority on behalf of the activity provider detailed above to agree to these statements and confirm that the information submitted here is true, complete and accurate.

Training and further information on Children’s University will be provided to successful applicants by Kevin Waite


Please read through the submission timeline and proposal judgement criteria before submitting your application.

1st Submission Period – November

  • 12:00pm, Friday 26th November – deadline #1 
  • Monday 29th November, grant notification to partners 

2nd Submission Period – December 

  • 12:00pm, Friday 3rd December – deadline #2 
  • Monday 13th December, grant notification to partners 

3rd Submission Window – January

  • 12:00pm, Friday January 14th – deadline #3  
  • Monday 24th January, grant notification to partners

Applications will be submitted via Teams form and will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Wellbeing outcomes for C&YP
  • How will the proposed activity enhance the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of children and young people
  • Value for money
  • How many children and young people will benefit from the activities, this should not impact on the quality and safety.
  • Contribution to a balanced citywide delivery programme
  • Age range, Geographical area, nature of activity (arts, play, visits etc.)
  • Innovation and legacy
  • Partnerships, volunteering, sustainability, new project
    Community engagement and Views of C&YP
  • How have C&YP and their families been involved in the development of the proposal.

Next steps…

If your initial application is successful you will be required to provide the following further information:

Relevant insurance documents must be provided unless previously supplied for Summer of Smiles (and still valid).

If your application is successful, a member of the CFC team will contact you should this be required.

Up-to-date risk assessments and Health & Safety forms will be needed for each proposed activity, please send these to

Should you be successful you will be required to ensure all attendees complete a online registration form which will collect mandatory monitoring and optional personal details required by Welsh government. This could be done by sharing a QR code with the participants upon arrival or having a “check-in” device with the form preloaded.

Here is the link to the registration form:

Details of the monitoring information that WG require collecting can be found in the guidance form.

Should you be successful in your application we will require from you a complete breakdown of your proposed activities as soon as possible. This will help us populate our centralised festival platform and add your activities to Children’s University.

Please find below a link to the activity breakdown submission form.

Funding Limitations

There is additional Welsh Government funding including:

  • Childcare Offer Capital Grant
  • Childcare Offer Small Grants Scheme and Flying Start Capital Grant
  • Revenue for education settings
  • Revenue awarded to national organisations including museums, sports organisations and libraries
  • Capital play funding

We are therefore not able to fund activity in schools, libraries, purchasing of equipment or formal sporting activities (physical exercise and informal sessions may be eligible).

Please be aware that the Council Play Service will be operating the Capital play funding with information coming out shortly. This could be combined with this grant where appropriate.


‘Winter of Wellbeing’ festival will consist of a wide variety of funded engaging experiences across the city, aimed at children, young people and their families. It is an extension of our Summer of Smiles festival, aimed at putting smiles on the faces of children and young people across Cardiff after a very challenging time.   

Our approach to the Winter of Wellbeing will be made up of 3 elements: Community Grants, City Centre Space in St David’s and an Arts and Cultural Programme. 

Alongside a central indoor space which will be utilised for certain activities, there will be many activities & events taking place in our communities across Cardiff, utilising activity centres, outdoor spaces, and cultural assets 

Funding can cover activities taking place from October the 1st, 2021 to March the 31st 2022 

Welsh Government have allocated ‘Winter of Wellbeing’ funding to local authorities across Wales, through the All Wales Play Opportunities Grant (AWPOG). Child Friendly Cardiff are responsible for facilitating the allotted funding to Cardiff Council.  

1st Submission Period – Early Bird 

  • 12:00pm, Friday 26th November – deadline #1 
  • Monday 29th November, grant notification to partners 

2nd Submission Period – December 

  • 12:00pm, Friday 3rd December – deadline #2 
  • Monday 13th December, grant notification to partners 

3rd Submission Window – New Year 

  • 12:00pm, Friday January 14th – deadline #3  
  • Monday 24th January, grant notification to partners

Welsh Government have set out guidance on what the funding can be used for. You can find this information under the ‘funding limitations’ section of this page. There are other grants available if you’re ideas fall outside the limitations of the winter of wellbeing grant.

The guidelines state that activities must run between 01/10/2021 – 31/03/2022. Your organisation can run activities across the entire timeframe or for a shorter duration e.g. Every weekend or 3 weeks during February. 

You will be required to submit weekly attendee monitoring figures to Child Friendly Cardiff and evaluation forms at the end of the Winter of Wellbeing festival.  

Yes, you can. However, we cannot allocate more than £24,999 of funding per organisation.