Empowering Tomorrow: Child Friendly Cardiff Champions Young Changemakers!

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Child Friendly Cardiff, in partnership with Plan UK, recently celebrated the remarkable achievements of the young people who successfully applied for funding under the Young Changemakers social action scheme. This special event, held at the end of April in Cardiff, spotlighted the innovative projects led by local youth aimed at addressing gender-related challenges. The day began with a creative spoken word workshop and transitioned into an afternoon showcase where young participants shared the impactful milestones achieved through their initiatives.

This initiative was essential to empower young people in Cardiff to take active roles in their community, particularly concerning gender equity. Under our priority of ‘Equal and Included’, we recognised the urgent need to address gender issues while nurturing leadership and advocacy skills among the youth. The project also aligns with our broader mission to embed children’s rights into the fabric of the city, ensuring that young voices are not only heard but are instrumental in shaping a more inclusive and equitable community.

The celebratory event not only highlighted the creativity and dedication of Cardiff’s youth but also set a precedent for future youth-led projects. By successfully bringing these initiatives to fruition, Child Friendly Cardiff has demonstrated the powerful role that young people can play in driving social change. During the event the CFC Gender Report, which summarises the findings from all the gender projects that Child Friendly Cardiff have worked on and provided recommendations based on the findings, was presented. We hope that the report will serve as a cornerstone for ongoing discussions and actions within the community to implement its recommendations, further cementing our commitment to making Cardiff a leader in children’s rights and gender equity.