CYC Members Collaborate on Pioneering Active Travel Study

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Cardiff Youth Council (CYC) recently embarked on an collaboration with esteemed academics, Dr Hannah Littlecott from Bristol University and Dr Kelly Morgan from Cardiff University, signaling a step towards sustainable travel initiatives within Wales. This partnership revolves around a grant application aimed at evaluating a novel active travel intervention set to be implemented in a Welsh town this year, under the support of the Welsh Government. Active travel, the practice of making journeys by physically active means, such as walking or cycling, instead of using motorised transport, is at the heart of this intervention. It seeks to not only improve public health and reduce environmental impact but also to enhance the overall quality of life for the community members. A select group of CYC members, including Aoife Williams, Efa Thomas, Martha Lewis, Megan O’Neill, Rahma Mohamed, Rain Preece and Steffan Raynor Owen, were involved in a meeting with Hannah and Kelly. The purpose of this engagement was two-fold: to gather insights on the proposed data collection methods, ensuring it resonates with its core objectives and the community it aims to serve.

During the meeting, Hannah and Kelly outlined the scope of the grant application, detailing the envisioned active travel intervention and the anticipated outcomes. They delved into the types of data they plan to collect and the methodologies they intend to employ, seeking input from the CYC members on these critical aspects. The conversation fostered a rich exchange of ideas, highlighting the value of incorporating young people’s perspectives in shaping research that directly impacts their community. The CYC members, bringing diverse viewpoints and fresh insights to the table, engaged actively in the discussion. The collaborative session underscored the potential of active travel initiatives to transform urban living spaces into more sustainable, health-promoting environments. This engagement between CYC members and the academic team exemplifies a commendable model of youth involvement in civic matters, particularly in projects with far-reaching implications for public health and sustainability. By lending their voices to this initiative, the CYC members not only contributed to the shaping of a significant research project but also underscored the critical role of youth in driving positive change within their communities.

As the project progresses, the insights gathered from this meeting will undoubtedly play a role in refining the research approach and ensuring the active travel intervention is effectively tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the Welsh town’s residents. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the journey towards creating more active, healthy, and sustainable communities in Wales, demonstrating the power of partnership between academia, government, and youth councils. The Cardiff Youth Council’s involvement in this study reflects their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and active living. It showcases the potential of young people to influence policy and research, paving the way for more inclusive and effective community interventions. As the project moves forward, the CYC will continue to play a vital role in advocating for and contributing to the development of healthier, more sustainable communities across Wales.