Legislative Theatre

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Legislative theatre is a type of theatre where the audience gets involved in solving social and political problems presented by the actors. The goal is to encourage dialogue and collaboration between community members and decision-makers, and to create concrete proposals for change. 

The term “legislative” refers to the fact that the proposed solutions are presented as potential legislation, and the dialogue that occurs during the performance is intended to lead to concrete proposals that can be presented to policymakers or other decision-makers. The purpose of legislative theatre is to empower ordinary citizens to take an active role in shaping the policies that affect their lives, and to create a space for dialogue and collaboration between community members and their representatives. 

Working with Tom Bevan, members of Cardiff Youth Council’s Gender Equity group will be running workshops and a residential throughout June to look at what they can develop as part of this programme, culminating in a performance which will hopefully be delivered at a children’s rights festival we will be running in July.