Cardiff Summer Ideas Challenge

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The Ideas Summer Challenge was a response to drastic changes brought on by COVID-19. We challenged children and young people to think about how Cardiff could be a great place to grow up during and after the pandemic. The challenge was designed for C&YP to look at both the positive and negative effects of the virus on our communities and families. Child Friendly Cardiff also held some virtual discussion with the Love Where You Live campaign around littering and clean streets, and with Food Cardiff, around the rise of home growing and more sustainable food sourcing. Our discussions aimed to inspire more ideas on keeping Cardiff a great place to grow up during and after COVID-19

The Challenge drew a variety of responses and solutions, including more protections for our wildflower spaces in Cardiff, an appreciation for less cars in the City, and detailed plans on how we can do more to recycle. All ideas were acknowledged and received warm thanks, with some progressed further, including proactive community consultation to preserve Whitchurch meadows, and a more in depth look at how the TerraCycle  scheme can be rolled out across Cardiff.