Pupil Engagement Road Map

As set out in goal 2 of the Child Friendly Cardiff Strategy, ‘every child and young person has their voice, needs and priorities heard’. To achieve this during the current challenging time Cardiff will provide four clear opportunities for children and young people to share their views and shape decisions during the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent recovery phase.

Child Friendly City Pupil Engagement Road Map To Recovery and Beyond 1. Children’s Commissioner pupil Survey: Information used in school recovery planning 2. Q&A with Director & Cabinet Member: Pupils are empowered and informed by City leaders 3. Establish a Pupil Task Group: Ongoing collaboration & coproduction informing recovery planning for schools 4. Cardiff Ideas challenge: Pupils involved in developing ideas mitigate impact of Covid-19

1. Children’s Commissioners and Welsh Government Survey

Over 3,500 children from Cardiff responded to the survey, Cardiff will now be using the survey dataset to gain intelligence and inform recovery. Details to be made available to schools in July to shape plans and support pupils.

2. Pupil Q&A Webinar with Director and Cabinet member for education. 

During June, Child Friendly Cardiff hosted two Pupil Q&A Webinars with the Director and Cabinet Member for education. We wanted to empower children by giving them the opportunity to attend and pose questions to city leaders regarding the restart of schools. Recording of the webinars are available below:

3. Pupil Recovery Task Group 

Our Pupil Recovery Task Group will enable pupils to share their views on current experience of education and comment on plans. If you want to have your say send us an email using the contact sheet below!

    4. Cardiff Ideas Summer Challenge

    An upcoming challenge for children and young people in Cardiff to generate ideas to reduce the impact of Covid 19 in emerging themes and keep Cardiff a great place to live, work and play.