Cardiff Ideas Summer Challenge

The Cardiff Ideas Summer Challenge (CISC) 2021 is now open! Check out the information below on how to apply,  

Visit our project page ‘Zero Waste Network‘ to see how we’re working with a local young person to develop their idea.

Divya won last years challenge! This year it could be you! 

Cardiff Ideas Summer Challenge 2020. Cllr Huw Thomas, the Leader of Cardiff Council needs the help of young people aged 18 and under (21 with ALN). We need as many ideas as possible to keep Cardiff a great place to grow up during and after COVID-19! Step 1: Think of an idea that can shape the future of our city and make it a better place. Step 2: Get creative! You can send us your ideas as pictures, posters, paintings, written text or voice clips - no videos however Step 3: share your idea with your friends and family, ask for their advice and use their feedback to make your idea even better! Step 4: send your ideas to the pool of problem solving using the email address with your age, name and school or use the hashtag #CardiffIdeasSummerChallenge2020 Submissions open from 01/07 to 01/09

What is the challenge? 

Cllr Huw Thomas, the Leader of Cardiff Council has issued a call to action for the young citizens of Cardiff. We need your help! We need as many ideas as possible to keep Cardiff a great place to grow up during and after COVID-19. 


Here’s some themes to stimulate thinking: 

  Transport || Food || Education || Environment || Happiness || Exercising and having fun safely 


Here’s some examples to help get you started: 

“It’s nice to see less cars on the road right now. How can we have less cars in Cardiff?” 

I want more people to help elderly neighbours in the future, like we are doing at the moment”  

“Some of my friends don’t have computers to do their work. I want all children in Cardiff to be given a computer when they start school” 



Get creativeYou can send us your ideas as pictures, posters, paintings, written text, or voice clips! 

Participants up to age 18 (21 for those with additional learning needs). 

Ideas should be tested on family and friends, to make sure they are easy to understand. 


Where to send your ideas? 

Send your ideas to the pool of problem-solving! Email them to or post them on our Facebook page. We will make sure all your ideas find their way into the pool so our planners and partners can look at them. 


When does the challenge begin? 

Opening date July 1st – Closing date Sept 1st 2021


What support will be given? 

  • A series of drop-in workshops by business and educational partners are planned to help you generate ideas. 
  • Teachers will be able to guide and support pupils 
  • Event organisers from Child Friendly Cities Cardiff, Cardiff Youth Council, and Cardiff Commitment are on hand to support you throughout the challenge. 


What is the ‘Ideas Pool’? 

We’re bringing our city leaders and wider partners to the Ideas Pool, to help fish out some ideas they may be able to bring to life. These could be public service partners or our wider community partners. By having all these ideas in one place, they can dip in and match up their skills and resources with your ideas! 


Will there be a winner? 

  • Yes – we will select three finalists, and we will give recognition to the School and Community producing the most ideas.  
  • Cardiff Big Ideas will identify opportunities to further develop the best ideas with our City-wide partners. 
  • Just by working together and sharing our ideas across the city means we are all winning! 
  • We are currently looking at displaying lots of your ideas across the city, to engage the whole of Cardiff with the positive energy and creative ideas generated by its children and young people.