COVID-19 : Recovery strategy

Coming out of lockdown

Covid-19 is an international health crisis that has changed the lives of everyone in Cardiff. As well effecting people’s health and wellbeing, the virus has caused other problems. Lots of businesses across the city were made to close temporarily and a lot of people are not able to go to work.

Once lockdown rules have been relaxed, Cardiff Council is planning on slowly reopening the city in a careful and safe way so that businesses can open again and people can go back to work.

Even though the lockdown has been scary and challenging, we have all learnt new things and we have grown because of it. A fresh start will help us shape our future. Many of the new changes will, not only make things safer, but help make Cardiff a better place to live, work, and play.

Some changes you might see..

20mph speed limits

Speed limits (more 20mph zones) making the roads a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists.

Wider pavements

Wider pavements making social distancing easier.

More cycleways

More cycleways and bicycle parking encouraging people to use active travel to move across and into the city.

Street ambassadors

Welcome points with Street Ambassadors helping people understand the changes and making their visit safe.

One-way pedestrian routes

One-way pedestrian routes, a safe and organised way of ensuring social distancing when there are lots of people.

Queing spaces

Queuing space, a safe space for people to queue for shops.

Changes to transport

Changes to car parking; and traffic movement around the city centre, reducing pollution, encouraging all forms of active travel.

Spill out areas

Spill-out areas outdoor seating areas to help restaurants, cafés and bars.

Planters and parklets

Planters and Parklets places to stop, rest and enjoy that improve the flow of people and make the city a greener place.

Safe access to schools

Safe access to schools, road closures, wider pavements and speed limits to make your journeys safer.