SOLE Network Wales

The SOLE Network for Wales is now being expanded and developed by the International School Linking Team in Cardiff Council.

Cardiff Council’s International School Linking (ISL) team were first made aware of SOLE through colleagues in Child Friendly Cardiff. The International School Linking team lends itself perfectly to supporting online collaboration with international partners. As soon as they heard about the success and benefits of SOLE in education, they worked with us to begin the development the SOLE Network Wales.

So far schools have paired up to research a shared Big Question, however their next goal is to set up a SOLE for all Welsh schools to take part in simultaneously in early 2022.

After the all-Wales SOLE has been completed an international SOLE is to be developed. The ISL team will be connecting schools in Wales and the US to collaborate on a trans-Atlantic SOLE, firstly asynchronously and then building up towards a synchronous SOLE in the Summer term of 2022!

Get Involved or Find Out More

If you are a school, pupil or organisation that would like to find out more about SOLE or would like to become part of our SOLE network please complete this contact form to get in touch:

SOLE Resources

A range of resources to run and develop SOLEs can be found on the Start SOLE platform. If you are a teacher or an educator, you will be able to sign up and then access all resources available: