Digital Tools for Care Experienced Children 

A prototype guide and app to support children and young people in care is being developed by students in Cardiff University. The project in being supported by NYAS, Child Friendly Cardiff, and Cardiff Council Children’s Services. The university’s computer science department are once again highlighting their adaptability and expertise in taking on ambitious projects from across the City services.   

Students have worked closely with care experienced young people to create a guide and app to support them in their journey through care. There are often many key workers and key meetings involved with children in care, which can be daunting and sometime confusing. The aim in creating these tools is to help children understand their journey better and the roles of those involved.  

Two students in Cardiff University undertook preliminary research on the project, with workshops and focus groups following through Spring 2021.  

The resulting guide and app prototypes are being tested with groups of care experienced young people, with further interest and development from Children’s Services and Cardiff Youth Service over the course of the year.