Curriculum For Life (C4Life)

When engaging with Children and Young People through the ‘Make Your Mark’ survey, a curriculum for life has been identified as a key need by young people in Cardiff. Key areas identified have been emotional health and wellbeing, positive relationships, reducing risk taking behaviour and skills to be independent active citizens. The intention is to add value and enhance connectivity of services already delivered both by council and third sector. This is a rights based approach which forms a significant part of the Cardiff’s commitment to becoming a Child Friendly City.

The main aim of Curriculum for Life (C4L) is to ensure children and young people are accessing their right to be

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Safe
  • Heard
  • Educated
  • To be the best they can be.

Cardiff Youth Council has conducted a survey to find out the views of young people about how well PSE prepared them for life. View the feedback from 1,500 people (PDF).

Download posters for “It’s my right to be heard” (3mb PDF) that you can print out to display.

You can also download a resource on preventing knife crime (1.8mb PDF) to help keep young people safe.

Curriculum for life hacks (C4L Hacks)

In collaboration with children and young people across Cardiff we are creating a thematic animated video series of educational tools, to help children and young people navigate real-life challenges and teach them the things they need to know. Engagement with the life hack videos will enable children and young people to be more independent, active, happier, and healthier.  

Every Monday a life hack video will be posted across our social media channels, go check them out!  

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Preparing children and young people for independent living, active citizenship and the world of work. 

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