Who are CYPAB??

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The Children and Young People’s Advisory Board (CYPAB) advises on the work of Child Friendly Cardiff, ensuring that young people’s voices are at the heart of all they do. Giving children across the city the opportunity to exercise their right to share their views. CYPAB has regular online meetings, with some full-day workshops spread throughout the year.

The most recent of these workshops took place at Grange Pavilion on 30th April 2022. This is what we got up to throughout the day:




A variety of ice-breakers led by CFC staff and the recently elected chair and vice-chair.

Reintroduction into the child friendly journey and plans leading up to the UNICEF assessment later this year.

Tried and tested a Self Organised Learning Environment event. The group was randomly split in half, both working to answer the question: Which children’s rights are affected by the media?

Worked as a group to find our own answers to the question and present this to the other group and CFC staff.

Learning and Skills

Team building exercises – we learnt more about each other, increasing our confidence in speaking within the space.

Briefed on forthcoming mock assessment taking place to prepare the team for UNICEF’s visit later this year.

The changes made during the CFC programme were outlined and the differences made apparent.

Our skills of collaboration, research and, presenting were all put to the test during this activity. Having only two devices within each group we had to delegate tasks and communicate effectively to draw conclusions within an hour.

We thought about what the media try to achieve through reporting about young people, and when creating content for a younger audience. Our knowledge of children’s rights developed as we discovered links between all articles.

Associated Rights

Article 2 – Non-discrimination

Article 12 – Respect for the view of the child

Article 13 – Freedom of expression

Article 15 – Freedom of association

Article 31 – Leisure, play, and culture

Article 42 – Knowledge of rights

As shown in the morning column.

Article 3 – Best interests of the child

Article 8 – Protection and preservation of identity

Article 17 – Access to information from the media.

Article 24 – Health and health services

Article 36 – Exploitation (including by the media)

Moving Forward

Continuing ‘get to know you’ exercises.

The members of CYPAB want to be involved in the mock assessment and UNICEF’s final assessment as much as possible. This will include talking about their experiences, helping to draft and edit the questions that young people will be asked, as well as a continuous dialogue when opportunities arise.

The reason for this session was to help prepare for the Intergenerational SOLE event taking place this July, with a variety of young people as well as professionals from the media industry. The feedback from SOLE will help shape the event to ensure that young people’s voices are at the forefront of the day.

CFC will take all points from the workshop to be developed further and will ensure discussions amongst CYPAB continue.

New members are always welcome. If you are interested in becoming a part of CYPAB you can find more information here.