Divya Made a Difference.

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“Winning the Summer Ideas Challenge 2020 has allowed me to bring my idea to life, and as a result has benefited me, and Cardiff in numerous ways.

I originally proposed the idea ‘raising awareness of the facility to recycle items not usually recyclable/hard to recycle at areas around Cardiff’ using the company TerraCycle. This was then chosen by the Child Friendly Cardiff team, who have helped me shape and develop my project. They provided me with everything I needed to make my project a success, through meetings with the team, and also with other contacts who were able to aid the project, as well as an opportunity to promote my idea at the Summer Festival. These, along with the constant support of the team were key elements in the success of the project. Due to this, we now have many of TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes placed around areas in Cardiff.

This experience has broadened my skills and allowed me to make a difference, which is why I would encourage other young people to apply with ideas of their own.”

– Divya Joshi, Cardiff Summer Ideas Challenge Winner 2020

Her winning idea: https://www.childfriendlycardiff.co.uk/projects/zero-waste/